End of story, New beginnings

it is hard to reflect, to get closure and to let go. we have to set ourselves free. Move on with denying the past or letting it define us.

Funny how words written nearly 4 yrs ago, have a true resonnance today. 

Gave myself to you, Body,
Mind and Soul

Became yours, part of me still is
Just wondering if you were ever mine

It was the beginning, magical moments
Long conversations, late night whispers

Deep foundation for a great connection
I was slowly succumbing, falling for you

Was on cloud nine, spread my joy
Failing to realize, it would cause my downfall

Devastation, consequence of my actions
Prisoner of my pain and sorrow

Filled with regrets, tortured myself
So many feelings kept inside

Thoughts, ideals never shared
Do you realize how much I loved you?

Part of me still loves you, wants you
Wishes we could recreate, the intimacy lost

Do you still feel the connection?
Your words and their impact

A knife through my heart
Or food for my soul and brain

I forgave myself, in peace with us
Found some closure

Have you forgiven yourself?
Our conversations were, still are

Stimulating mentally, physically
You are an inspiration

A chapter ended, not the story
Relationships evolve
Always in mutation

I am free now, to express
To share my feeling with you
To open up again, to love again

I am finally ready, to close the door
To let go of our history
Let us go and let me be…

Marie-Christine Jeanty 2008



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