Goodbye 2011

Time flies, another year is about to end. The  second part of the year 2011 was about redefining myself, new beginnings, and letting go. So as I mentioned before in a blog post, I finally learned to say no and to prioritize me in the equation. I changed universities and left a job to start building my career is a little more. Also one morning of november, I decided to plunge into the blogging adventure. It is rewarding, the response is positive for the most part. I have received some hateful comments from people I least expected it from.

Obviously, I have learned a whole lot more about human nature both in my experiences and in my classes. Therefore, I’m probably ending the year with fewer people around me then I started it. It does not matter Quality over Quantity is my motto. Dating? I did not date as much as I planned too. I certainly did not put myself out here so much. With the new year I sensed the end of a relationship. Long distance puts a lot of pressure on a couple. If there is not a clear desire to end the distance and timeframe for it, its pure masochism. Long distance bring out insecurities with the end result of tearing people apart from the distance itself.

I had sworn off long distance and out of a random conversation grew a connection. I’m not sure how many seasons it will last but I’m enjoying the ride even if it sometimes a little to bumpy for comfort. I have learned how to let go of the past and not let it define me. I have learned not to let the characters from my past have an influence on my present. My future is out of reach. So I’m not sure if I will be back on the single market this year or if this connection will deepen its roots. We will find out with the new year. Whatever happens, I’m more than ready for it. I’m simply thankful for that pragmatic, peaceful vibe he brought into my life during this crucial period of my life.

Because of twitter, I have met  and in other cases got to know some people who have been of more support then some people in my every day life. Yes there was some drama but since it did not involve us, we only sat on the sidelines and observed. We discusses ideas, we laughed or heads off with our silly conversations, we made new discoveries because of each other. Facebook is less a part of my life, as I find that people spam me way too much, every day, I delete some people lol, be careful, you might be next haha.

So in 2011, I have strengthen some friendships, paved the way to rebuild others. I have also reconnected with some family members. All of the above give me a sense of fulfillment and serenity at the same time. I’m truly blessed to have  the parents, the sisters (brothers in law, nieces, nephews included) , the families (on both sides and friends are the family we choose for ourselves) that I have. Most of all I’m thankful for my bright, energetic, stubborn, creative and healthy young man who I call a son.

Goodbye 2011, bring it on 2012!

©MCJ 2011



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