I don’t play the loving game

If only I could read your mind instead of trying to read between the lines

I don’t want to not play the guessing game; I’m tired of filling in the blanks

Your silences can only tell me so much, I can’t stand this anymore

I miss our conversations; these monologues are tearing us apart.

Talk to me, Stop keeping it all bottled up inside, please tell me the whole story

Your little bombs only leave us with more scars and accentuate the distance

Have a little faith in me; doubting me will only make me run away

Insecurity is not the newest «got to have it» accessory, more like a repellent

You hide behind that half-smile and rationality. No love in your vocabulary?

I suppose your actions are your way of expressing your attachment to me

Pragmatic men don’t show any emotions and «don’t catch feelings» right?

Probably why you walked away when I asked for a little affection

©Marie-Christine Jeanty, January 4th, 2012



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