« The Awakening » by Frantz-Eddy Daniel, travel into your soul

New Age music is often described as en essential element to create a peaceful environment, to lighten the atmosphere. This is exactly what the talented Frantz-Eddy Daniel(F.E.D) (born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is offering the public with his first CD : the Awakening.

F.E.D worked really hard to bring to the public his compositions. It took him  two years to finalize his project The Awakening has 12 Tracks. The titled track (1) « Awakening » is lifting for the Soul. The tracks (3) Ascension and (5) Pays Lointain are definitely an illustration of his knowledge of  his homeland Haiti musical traditions. Ascension was inspired by a traditional rhythm called yanvalou, where Pays Lointain reminds me of Haitian Classical music compositions of Ludovic Lamothe.

I was moved by these compositions, where as New Age is not my usual type of music, and I was not familiar with F.E.D. work. I took the time  to fully discover each track and hope you do to.

I recommend this CD to you if : in 2012, you decided to find new ways to bring peace to your life and connect with you inner self, if you want to discover a new artist that put his heart and soul in his work and you will definitely love this CD if you like Enya, Yanni and other New Age artists.

If you want to find out more about F.E.D, I invite you to visit his webpage: http://www.fed-music.com or you can find him all over the Social Media.

I’m leaving you with this video of pictures of Haiti as soundtrack  « Pays Lointain »



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