I’m sorry

I’m sorry you, you said.

I’m not sure I grasp the reasoning behind this apology

I for one, I’m definitely not sorry we shared this mental intimacy

If you must know, regrets do not rhyme with my name.

Our friendship unexpectedly grew for a short season

Life has funny ways of working out and changing our direction

God blessed me tremendously by bringing you into my life

No matter what form that presence takes, I will cherish it greatly.

I’m not very good at expressing my feelings out loud

And I’m not sure words would fully express my gratitude

I simply hope, I was able to provide you enough solicitude

Our mutual, yet virtual space was my personal oasis


I’m sorry, you said

I’m lost and do not follow the logic behind this apology

What do we have to be sorry about exactly, please enlight me

I choose to save the great moments we shared locked in my mind

I think about those random voice notes, the late night Skype convo,

Along with the delayed bbm messages, they are on my inner hardrive

At night, when I lay in bed or when I feel confused, I simply close my eyes.

And I’m dazzled by what I see, it is our first date

Perhaps only date, here you are with that gorgeous smile

It is just contagious and I open my eyes and find myself smiling along

I even laugh out loud sometimes and others I’m hit with this feeling

The feeling of wellness that came over me after we finally kissed

I would not erase those kisses from my memory for anything,

Quit saying I’m sorry already,

relationship evolve continuously,

Don’t be sorry simply save the memories preciously.

©Marie-Christine Jeanty 3 mars 2012



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