Is it over?

As I came back into town, I ended my relationship. Oh boy, did I forget that telling your mate that it is over, only ends it in the surface.

No matter, how excited I may be about S, my heart is not exactly cleared of P.  In fact I have to admit it, I’m confused, I need a break from matters of the heart.

P and I have been communicating more openly then we have been for the past 3 months in the last 72hrs. He even apologized but does that make what he said or did any right? I think not. the heart definitely has its own reasons that the mind can’t understand nor figure out.

Parts of me would want  nothing more than to see him but the rest of me , reminds me that I made myself a priority,and thinks that going back with him would give him a free pass to step on my heart again!

I also wonders what message that would send in terms of respect. Not simple as I would want it to be. it is also a safe place right when you think about S and the uncertainties that come with that situation

A lot to think about. In the meanwhile, I do have a few events coming up that will give me the opportunity to mingle and perhaps meet other interesting prospects looool.


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