I’m out

I’m out you said, when things get a little intense and the spotlight was all on you and your feelings that you could never express out loud or illustrate in actions.

I’m out, your quick exit out of discussing the real issues, it was too much to ask that you gave into a little sentimentality and indulge me? Do you take me so much for granted that you can’t even acknowledge my importance?

You used that line not to get in the depth of things, god knows you don’t do the loving thing. Emotions scare you away right?

Im out you said, To stay away from the roots of our relationship problems, and elaborate the accusations you’ve thrown out at me, You’re good at dropping a few earth shattering sentences, And when confronted, asked to back up these accusations

here comes that line again, I’m out! I hate arguments but no discussion is unhealthy. It brings uncertainty to the table

Your favorite line when you could not find anything better to say, where you lacked of arguments to undermine me and undermine my feelings for you. It is mentally exhausting to fight alone for the survival of a relationship. Love might be blind at times but eventually one’s eyes become wide open

That time has come for me so…

Now Take your time, look at me, really carefully and listen to these words carefully

I will not scream, I will not cry either, I’m just letting you know

I’M OUT!!!

p.s: business is business…



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