The Girl in the Mirror and I

The girl in the mirror and I

Had a talk last night

I had to set her straight

You walked so many miles

Fell in so many traps before

You finally find the road

Your road where you realize

That the light you’ve so desperately

Tried to find in others was

In reality within you

You’ve flown away from negativity

To elevate yourself and rise above

Those trying to bring you down

With them in their ocean of misery

So you could reach another level

Where mediocrity is not welcome

Don’t jump in the middle?

It’s their drama, not your concern

Let them swim and try to reach the border

You’re already there. Keep walking

Keep flying towards your dreams

They will figure out their future

Don’t let them hold you back

Don’t hold yourself back

You’re a Queen and you’ve reached

Your final destination

Enjoy it!



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