Relationship by correspondence

29598_home_heroI felt so empty inside. I was sitting in my room, numb, convinced I had reached the darkest of tunnels.

I opened my computer and started surfing the net hoping to find a distraction. I had no idea that this day, my life was about to change forever.

In my inbox, I found a message sent from a very handsome stranger. I say stranger, you were what we can call a virtual acquaintance. The content of the email was very brief yet intriguing enough for me to respond. I figured that I had nothing more to lose at this point.

The short and sweet emails eventually became long late night and early morning phone calls. Those calls were immediately followed by online lyrical exchanges that I will forever cherish in my heart.

I had become your muse. With your words you had brought back my smile and light up the fire within me. This is when I felt compelled to grab my pen again. I could not let such  poetic correspondence unanswered.

This is when our epistolary affair began. We had swapped parchment for yahoo mail but the content was filled with metaphors and images that still make me blush up until this day.

Your ability to play with language using rhythm, rhymes and evocative vocabulary never ceased to amaze me and challenged me to become a better writer.

Through your words I was feeling alive again. More importantly, I felt like a woman again, not an object. I was desired again not simply used.

Months passed by and our daily correspondence went on until we finally met in the flesh for some of the most magical moments of my adult life.

So much passion mixed with sensuality dominated our virtual and real life interactions. My senses were more than simply awaken they were aroused literally.

I was one broken soul, scared to commit and to open her heart. I ready to run from you, from us… Even that inspired a piece from you where running from transformed into running towards a goal. You’ve always managed to envision my future with such positivity.

I was someone else’s daily inspiration and I so desperately wanted to see myself the same way you did… it is only now 7 years later that I’m finally able too.

Life turmoil eventually kept us apart nearly permanently. Circumstances brought us together again… well virtually. It has been 4 years since I have  felt your piercing eyes on me. Four years, yet it feels like it was just yesterday that our saliva were mixing ; that the tip of our tongues were dancing hmm such wonderful vivid memories.

No one knows what life has   in store for us. I simply like to  find comfort in the fact that late at night or early in the morning if I have too much on my mind, I can count on you to put the smile back on my face….

I’m blessed to still have you in my life to remind me of how I’m destined for greatness and not to let myself get sidetracked by mediocre bitter people on this journey.

©Marie-Christine Jeanty June, 11th, 2013


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