The Universe is an Echo…

My dear Friend,

Just like everyone else, you are a work in progress. I would add that on many levels, your maturity level is probably more advanced than most but… of course you had to see it coming, there’s a but!

It baffles me to see how you, quickly forget how much control you  have on your destiny, ultimately on your own happiness. As  we all know,  you take care almost to an extreme of your image, that you never lose an opportunity to market yourself to the world. You also never lose an opportunity to improve your craft.

So why the dichotomy in the discourse when it comes to your personal life? You are not a victim, you’re a power player in your own happiness. Never lose sight of that fact my dear.

Here’s my take on the matter: The vibes you send out; are the ones you will receive back ultimately. Every choice you make, will come back to haunt you. You were born with a brain, you use it for your career; the time has come for you to put it to good use in your personnal life.

Yes, I understand, not just any women should be standing by your side. I understand that you don’t like to listen to hearsay but… but… close your eyes and think back, don’t you see the pattern repeating itself over and over in the past couple of years?

All fun to be around, pretty (the camera literally love them) ,  with mostly money and fame on the brain: Chik, Chek, Chok! You probably think you deserve better and you are right. You’re caviar; don’t settle for catfish!!

It all starts with you, the sooner , you realize, the happier you will be in your love life. So stop whining and start playing your part better.

In the End, the Universe is an ECHO

Marie-Christine Jeanty 2014




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