On this cold winter day


On this cold winter day, sitting behind my desk,

Looking outside, what do I seen through the window?

Ice, snow and more ice

Everything seems stuck into the ground

This actually how I feel from time to time

Stuck facing the blank white page

The blank page that is called my future

A future I envisioned very differently

I have learned to come to terms with my reality

This is then, this is now

I have anticipated with great joy this moment

My very own light at the end of this dark road

One small step after another

Yet at times I feel lost

Hit by a major case of stage fright

My stomach  in knots

I can’t keep my eyes off the blank page

When suddenly my inner voice

Brings me back to more positive imagery

Just like right now, while writing these words

I’m inhaling the beautiful aroma

Of self discovery

I’m enjoying this moment of victory

Against all odds

In this cold winter day

Where everything seems frozen

Unable to move, I’m facing the cold wind

To walk a little closer to my future

Marie-Christine Jeanty January 8th, 2014©



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