I think you got the wrong impression…

LustloveWehad crossed paths on multiple occasions. One day you added me on Facebook, Years went back without any type of real interactions besides a few likes here and there on both sides, especially mine I must confess. We both have so many FB friends, one too many to paraphrase you.

One day one of your statuses caught my attention and next thing you know I was scanning your page for hours. A few weeks later, I took that a step further after crossing path with you once again at a happy hour. I sent you an inbox message and we exchange numbers at last.

My thoughts were quite innocent and platonic at the time; given the fact that we hardly knew each other although the friends we had in common are people in my close circles.

Texts and inbox messages slowly became a lot less innocent and catered to our common vivid imagination. We went from wanting to grab coffee to wanting to grab bootie. We skipped all the formalities as you call them.

I just ended an on and more often off extremely toxic relationship and you are «the man every men want to be and that every women want to try» to repeat your own words. So as tempted as I am by you this obviously can’t be anything more than occasional lust my dear. You seem to be convinced that I want more it makes me wonder if perhaps you are the one that go it bad…

I’m not mentally available for anyone but myself, my son, my family, my friends and my goals right now. I thought it was the  same for you. You are so detached, in appearance at least. You have to realize that I’m too old to catch feelings after a few drinks under the stars and nice fireworks under the sheets. We can do this again while I’m in transition if you want but …if you think I want more…

I think You got the wrong impression!

MC Jeanty August 2014



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